Category porject

targeting the evolution of the organic fruit and vegetable offer through:


programmed in clusters, based on the size of the sales outlet.


which means creating an effective organic fruit and vegetable offer, working on the placement and logics of display construction.

product characterisation

with communication display supports specially created to guide and assist the consumer and at the same time to characterise the sales outlet.

Promotional plans

continual and based on product seasonality.

An innovative format for the sale of loose organic fruit and vegetables in large-scale retail sales outlets

This is an area, within the fruit and vegetable section of hypermarkets and supermarkets, dedicated to the display of loose and packaged organic fruit and vegetables under the Almaverde Bio brand.
They are managed directly using different formulas for sales assistance with specialist personnel and present a vast assortment of fresh and seasonal products, with the addition of dry pulses, ready-to-eat fresh vegetables, fruit and vegetable extracts and soups